Eco-Anxiety – A Mental Health Thing?


Every day there is more and more proof that our environment is dying faster and faster. Our natural resources are depleting at a rate that our planet just can no longer cope with. This is very troubling information because we might never know if today is our last day being able to see trees or if there would be enough produce for the entire human race that would last us for more years to come.

Well, essentially, it is upon us to take the task of preserving the little left of our environment and make sure that it grows. We might not be able to go back to a time when everything was good and healthy but we might still be able to do something about it right now. We might still be able to create a change that can lead to a transformation that would save us from our own destruction.

Of course, many of us might start feeling eco-anxiety, which is a fear of environmental damage or ecological disaster. This sense of anxiety is mostly based on the current and predicted future state of the environment and human-induced climate change. Basically, people are getting anxiety knowing that our planet is dying from all the man-made problems that were caused by our need to destroy our environment for the sake of development.


Personally, I see this as a good thing. We can turn that anxiety into a motivation to push for a change. The change can be small and it can start out with us. So, if you are feeling that eco-anxiety, I am here to tell you that there is a way for you to channel that anxiety into a productive energy. So, what you can do is to help in preserving our natural resources.

Studies have shown that there is a connection between a healthy environment and a healthy mental state. When we see that our environment is thriving and it is in a healthy condition, we are more likely to have a better mental health than when we know that the earth is dying around us. When we have a healthier mind, we have a healthier body and that happens vice versa. When we take care of our world, we are also able to take care of ourselves.


For preserving the little natural resource that we have, there are a few things that might be essential in our advocacy for change. Starting off with the most basic tip, reduce, reuse, and recycle. I know it sounds like it is a cliché but I promise that doing this and practicing this, turning it into a lifestyle, can give you that push that you need to help save our planet. What this does is it helps reduce the garbage sent to the landfills which are slowly growing more and more.

Another thing that we could do is to volunteer. We could volunteer for clean-up drives or information drives that are specifically made for educating on the issues of environmental decay. This way you are able to help other people understand the things that you understand and you help them see the destruction that you see.

Leading from education, we should also start to choose a sustainable life which is basically a lifestyle that is specifically tailored to lessen the use of our natural resources and creating a better living situation where we do not harm the environment further. From here, you can also start educating yourself on the zero-waste lifestyle, which is another way of life that is done through minimizing the garbage that you produce every day. You basically transition yourself from using single-use plastic to more sustainable alternatives such as metal straws or glass containers.


This is all just a reminder that we only have one planet and there might be another one out in the vast universe but right now, we are here and we should take responsibility for the action and inaction that we have done. For all the pollution, the carbon emission, the deforestation, clearing out mountains for resorts, and all the other abusive things that we have done to our environment, it is time to take responsibility and do something that can change the course of life that we are taking.

Remember that when we choose to live a healthier life, we are also choosing to help out our environment. This is so much more than just cutting down a few trees to build a structure. This is about us losing the only home that we have. This is us feeling anxiety over something that we think we cannot control but in reality, we are the only ones who can do something and quite possibly control the situation that we are in. Enough is enough. This is the time to stand up and make a change.


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