Most Drained Natural Resources

In the last 2018 natural resources symposium, there is an emphasis on uncontrollable damage that people will experience in the future. There is no guarantee as to where it might happen. But looking at the current state of the world’s natural resources, it will occur sooner than expected. That is because people are draining most of it. Let’s try to figure out what those are.



A lot of us assume that since the world is made up of 70% body of water, we have unlimited access to it. That is far from the truth. A considerable percentage of freshwater is in the form of permanent snow and ice. Therefore, the access we have gets cut into a limited amount. Unfortunately, some of those limited amounts we have are already contaminated. Consequently, it is no surprise that the demand for water will soon exceed what it can only provide.


No matter how optimistic the market is, there is a thought of losing oil soon. And with the amount of it we have right now, the BP Statistic Review said that it would only be enough for the next 46 and a half years. That is if the economy remains at its current rate. So imagine if it falls all of a sudden, then you can expect a total setback from oil.



The demand for the coil is always higher than expected due to technological advancement. Therefore, we can assume that for the following decades, supply will already run out. Most developing countries increase their desire for coils because their economy requires it. Since a large number of huge companies are using coils for machinery upgrades, constructions, and device manufacturing, it could outstrip supply perhaps sooner than expected. But as of now, we still have enough coal to support global production for at least almost 200 years.



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