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Learning The Devices At The 2015 Florida Mobile Tech Expo



The 2015 Florida Mobile Tech Expo was filled with knowledge, discoveries, and activities. I remember when I was so engrossed with listening to one of the speakers during the event as he was telling the audience the future in mobile technology. He said that this field is quite a broad one because it included devices, gadgets, and even applications.

This blog provides a brief and concise list of some of the mobile devices that are out in the market and that you and I have been utilizing through the years. The most popular include tablets, laptops, e-readers, gaming devices, and smartphones.


Tablets are handheld devices that don’t have a keyboard or touchpad. They are designed in a way that it offers utmost portability and an accessible gaming experience wherever and whenever. You have direct contact with the touch screen itself, as you maneuver the tablet through the use of your fingers on the screen, replacing the mouse. They’re larger than the smartphones but relatively smaller than the smartphones. You can browse the web, play games, email, and video call using the tablet.

Laptop Computers

The laptop is a portable personal computer that’s portable and easy to use. It functions the same way as the desktop computer so you can download software, images, songs, videos, and almost all kinds of files. Unlike the tablet, you can’t use it by touching the screen, but instead, it is built with a keyboard, a monitor, and a mouse. Currently, there are various designs of laptop mouses, and some are even functional through Bluetooth. However, some of their ports are not the same as the desktop computers so you might want to ready an adapter if you plan to work away from home.


Here’s one powerful mobile device that keeps us connected every day with our loved ones – the smartphones. As long as there is a mobile network provider in your location, you can always call anyone whether it’s important or not. These smartphones possess most of the features of tablets, but they’re just more personal in some ways.

Gaming Devices

These are lightweight game consoles that are portable and come in different designs and colors. They have built-in screens, speakers, and game controls. With a handheld gaming device, one can enjoy playing their favorite games wherever they are. Now, you won’t have to fight with your sister when she wants to watch her show on television. You can play a downloaded game or an online game if you have connectivity.




E-book readers, as they are popularly known, look like tablets but these mobile devices are designed specifically for reading digital documents and files. Some of these devices have a built-in e-ink display (or electronic display), which usually appears in black and white. It’s made to look like an actual book. The LCD, on the other hand, has the same screen found on tablets and laptops, and they are custom-made for viewing books and magazines with photos because the LCD screens can display colors.





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